Current Study Proccess

CCNA Security 210-260 Exam Test Date: Sept 2017


1st round: Read and review the chapters from the Official Certification Guide (OCG), watch Udemy videos, and then do labs from Cisco CCNA Security Lab Book for each section. The order is based on the largest to smallest percentage on the exam. Using my training schedule below, I will assess my understanding a topic on a 1- 6 scale. The idea is to match the numbers for each section.


Training Material:

CCNA Security 2010-260 Official Certification Guide – Primary Text

CCNA Security Lab Book Version 2 – Primary Lab book

Udemy- CCNA Security with Chris Bryant- Primary Video

CCNA/CCNP Security with Baldev – Secondary Video

Cisco Documentation – For technology deep dives


Current Topic focus:

Scale 1-6: 1=dont know, 2=overview, 3=describe, 4=configure, 5=troubleshoot, 6=Verify Needed Date OCG read Review Chap Q’s Done Video’s watched Labs done
6.0 IPS  Chap 17
6.1 Describe IPS deployment considerations
6.1.a Network-based IPS vs. host-based IPS
6.1.b Modes of deployment (inline, promiscuous – SPAN, tap)  8/9/17
6.1.c Placement (positioning of the IPS within the network)
6.1.d False positives, false negatives, true positives, true negatives   8/9/17
6.2 Describe IPS technologies   8/9/17
6.2.a Rules/signatures   8/9/17
6.2.b Detection/signature engines   8/9/17
6.2.c Trigger actions/responses (drop, reset, block, alert, monitor/log, shun)
6.2.d Blacklist (static and dynamic)
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