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CCNA Security Prep

So after looking at the CCNP SWITCH, I figured I would look at the certification I am studying for: CCNA Security. It is known that this exam is a bit tougher than in the past.  Knowing this, I am focusing

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While preparing for this weekend’s CCNP study group session, I reviewed the CCNP switch exam blueprint and the official lab book. I noticed a major gap in covered exam objectives in the lab book.  Having passed the CCNP SWITCH exam,

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The ASA is here!

It took some time to find one, but I have got a Cisco ASA5505! This ASA comes with the Security License.  Now I can start working on my CCNA security firewall labs!

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The end of an era…

The count down to the end of the Cisco ASA 5505 has begun. Announced in late February, the baseline security device will be retired in 2022. So if you are studying for the CCNA Security, get your ASA now! I

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The planning and configuration of Network Address Translation/Port Address Translation is similar for security device as a router. Define your internal IP address space to translate. This will help with choosing the right network translation scheme for your application. You

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I have found myself asking when and where would this be useful? What architectures or campus designs would this be implemented? The idea is that you can route traffic from the same interface it came in on is similar to

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The CCNP SWITCH Lab is built off the foundation of the CCNA R&S lab. Most of the lab work  can be done with the old 2950 switches from the CCNA. You will need some more Here is my input on

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