Desire vs Demand? Desire meets Demand?

It’s a question that I ponder. Consciously or not. That point where I need to make choices about what comes next for my career. I am constantly looking at new opportunities and skills to develop through these two lenses:

  1. What’s the most important skill(s) I want to master?
  2. Whats the most important skill(s) I need to land this opportunity?

Sometimes I wonder, do I choose one or can I do both?

Here is what I see…..

Desire  I have inclinations, likes and strengths. When I listen to my inner voice,  I am guided to study and take opportunities that favor these aspirations. Of course, first thing that shows up is resistance. I struggle with a protocol concept. A lab is not going as I thought.

So I respond with a force greater than that resistance.  -I take time off-tackle a lab from an new angle. I get the verification results I want. I change mediums to learn that new concept. I look back at the process and I see my soul is fed.

Demand – Picture this- You are at the beach and you finally see the big wave. You have been waiting for it all day and you grab your surf board and swim out. You stand up, balance right,  and you get in the barrel of the wave enjoy the ride for a long time…

My experience is that there is a cascading effect of developing a unique skill set or having exposure to a new technology that can help with “timing the wave”. I understand advances in technology lead to more demand.

What I am trying to come to terms with is:

Can I blend both being in demand and doing what I desire?

How can I keep up with demand and find time for that which I desire?

Season vets, newbies, please chime in.  How do you answer these questions?

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