Network design nugget

So this week has been a design education week! More nuggets of wisdom to share…

I started with reading Auvik’s design guide on GNS3. For those of you that down know, Auvik Networks provides network management software that delivers fresh, real time network diagrams and tons of data points regarding your network’s configuration.

In Kevin Dooley’s guide, he provided a simple drill down on building blocks. Drawing your diagrams by layer!

Next, I also attended a Cisco Learning Network (CLN) webinar with Daniel Dib called “Network Design Fundamentals “.

Listening to Daniel talk through some of the design scenarios, a light bulb went off: More experience leads to refinement of approach.

The lesson from this week:

1. Improve design skills by looking at my own home network;

2. Read, read, read!

I am going to create a portfolio space soon to share my work. Time to play in GNS3!

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