CCNP SWITCH v1 Areas to review!

With the test deadline 23 days away,I have compiled a list of topics that I will be focusing on during my exam prep:

  • Cisco canpus sizes
  • Catalyst and Nexus switch features
  • Hierarchical design
  • Community and Promiscuous VLANS
  • ISL
  • 802.1q tag fields
  • VTP pruning
  • EtherChannel configuration
  • Bridge Priority 0
  • UDLD
  • Commands for Root, Loop and BPDU Guard
  • MST
  • CEF FIB and AT
  • SSO
  • NSF
  • PoE configuration
  • VoIP configuration
  • AP architectures
  • WLC
  • port configuration for LAP
  • 802.1x
  • VACL
  • DTP 
  • Native VLANS
  • AgP silent mode
  • STP states and what can be done
  • RSTP states and what can be done
  • VTP advertisement types 
  • VTP parameters
  • TCAM
  • CEF
  • Duplex modes
  • DHCP Snooping 
  • IP Source Guard
  • STP port states
  • STP configuration
  • VTP pruning
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