The world just got bigger.

So I have been doing my research and doing some deep protracted thinking about what I wan to do next in terms of skill development. Because I have decided on a path of network design and ultimately looking to obtain the coveted CCAr certification, I am working a long game strategy. I wanted to find out what is out there in terms of design knowledge.

Here are some of the question I have been asking:

What steps did current network architects do to get where they are?

What are current network architects reading?

What other disciplines do I need to be looking at and studying?

Can I find a network architect as  a mentor?

So I started looking at the Cisco learning network. Checked out the design track for Cisco. Then read the forums. Then more online searches. I started to reading things like:

The design track touches many of the concentration tracks.”

” You have to have a different way of thinking for design.”

“You should understand firewalls and security basics.”

“Design included voice and wireless technology.”

“Virtualization is big now.”

This is when I started to come that realization……

How am I going to learn all this!!!!??

The lesson I learned today is that as with all things in life, just when you think you know something, you then realize that you don’t know anything. Because of my many months of concentrated  focus and study for the CCNA R&S, I became very knowledgeable and confident in my abilities to do the work with in the scope of that certification. However I  now see that its only a part of the larger body of knowledge of networking technology. The path to becoming a master network architect is going to encompass also remembering this idea. It keeps the journey alive and fresh. Despite feeling overwhelmed, I have decided to continue this journey in small chunks and follow my passion for learning balanced with logical decision-making.

So its CCNA Security vs CCNP!

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